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Open Source is a Code which is created by open community and available for free to use and modify. The open source applications are the best way to save time and start a business very simply with low cost. Therefore, for the client, the overall development costs reduce drastically as compared to parallel proprietary technologies. The majority of the open source software uses LAMP-Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP platform.

opensource solution experts ’s efficient developers are efficient in designing templates, creating skins, installing open source solutions, installing their modules, adding custom modules or changing the core functionality in the product, doing design integration and also make custom modification to cater varied range of client needs.

Advantages of Opens Source Customization at opensource solution experts are:

Cost saving
Development time and cost reduced by over 40%
Software comes with rights to modify
Complete flexibility for meeting specific needs (not available with proprietary software)
Enhanced portability
Vendor neutrality
Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements
Availability of large pool of source codes from the Internet

The Open Source products that the expert developers at opensource solution experts can customize are:

Joomla Customization
Drupal CMS Customization
X-Cart Customization
Zen Cart Customization
Cakephp Customization
OsCommerce Customization
Mambo Customization
PHPBB Customization
Storefront Customization
WordPress Customization

We are proposing a new offshore model which is reliable, cheap and reduces outsourcing risk to a greater extent. Thus you can continue to enjoy positive benefits of outsourcing without worrying about negative factors.

What is offshore dedicated staff?

Offshore dedicated staff/developer/designer is a resource working at remote/offshore location on full time basis. This developer/programmer works like your full time employee focusing just on your work. The only difference with this method is, since resource is present at a different location and does not require an infrastructure as well as many other facilities that a normal in-house employee needs, you can get the job done using your management techniques & strategies, also without any tension of paying the salaries, taxes, benefits and other investments like infrastructure cost, expensive softwares, other technical infrastructure, etc.

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