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Extensive research and our experience tells that if outsourced project is managed in proper way, than it never fails.

advance IT outsourcing servicesIT Outsourcing got started some time ago primarily due to reasons like cost savings, availability of talented resources in offshore locations etc. Over the years IT outsourcing industry has evolved, different companies are doing work under different models like per Project basis (Fixed Time, Fixed cost) or hourly basis and there are other models also, statistics tells 85% IT outsourcing projects fail due to many reason and gaps in these models and execution problems around them, in changing times some companies are getting reluctant to outsource or are highly skeptical about offshore development.

We are proposing a new offshore model which is reliable, cheap and reduce outsourcing risk to a great extent. Thus you can continue to enjoy positive benefits of IT outsourcing without worrying about negative factors.

Why IT Project Outsourcing fail?

Poor planning
Holding unrealistic expectations
Choosing a vendor for the wrong reason
Providing unclear specifications
Introducing too many scope changes during project development
Ignoring the potential for a culture clash
Not communicating, or not communicating clearly enough.

Advance IT outsourcing solution By opensource solution experts

In Advance IT outsourcing model we provide you dedicated developer / designer or team of developers / designers for you. Get the job done using your management techniques / strategies and that too without committing to the salary, taxes, benefits, and a other obligations like infrastructure cost, computers and software licenses.

This solution is highly beneficial for companies/consultants/Individuals who need to extend their in-house software development capacity without the overheads of additional direct manpower and infrastructure resources.

It is also a good option for new start up companies, existing long term product companies, companies in need of regular maintenance of there project or products.

It is highly recommended for Project managers/ Consultants who want lower cost alternative but at the same time require highly qualified developers/ programmers/designers/technical writers/testers with no headache of operational issues (like infrastructure, insecurity while working with individuals, daily operational issues like software licenses, facilities management etc) and guaranteed results.

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