Hire Offshore Dedicated Developer, Full Time Developer, Part Time Programmer

Extensive research and our experience tells that if outsourced project is managed in proper way, than it never fails; using our model a company can hire dedicated staff just like there internal full time employees and manage them in various stages of Software or product development life cycle, you get the job done without committing to salary, benefits and tons of other obligations that comes along when you hire a full time in house employee, not only you save your hard earned money up to 50% but you get work done in an efficient manner, you control and track work done, 100% your way in your management style using our collaborative model.

What is Dedicated Staff?

Dedicated developer is a resource working in offshore location on full time / part time or hourly contract basis. Dedicated developer works like your full time employee focusing just on your work, where the only difference is since dedicated developer is based at our end, you can manage the dedicated developer well and get the job done using your management techniques and that too without committing to the salary, taxes, benefits, and any other obligations like infrastructure cost, computers and software licenses.

The dedicated developer works dedicatedly only for the Clients that hire them unlike the other normal offshore outsource projects or the Freelancers, that work for many projects at a time, which neither guarantees confidentiality of the Client’s information’s, nor does it guarantee the quality of the Offshore development.

Skills of developer programmer:

Experience : 2-5 Years
Education Level : Bachelor in Computer Science Or, Masters in Computer Applications Or, Any equivalent degree.
Web Development Skills : PHP, ASP, ASP .Net, Java, AJAX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
Database Skills : MS SQL server, MySql
Process & Methodologies: Web Development, E-Commerce, Content Management, OOPS

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